Let know if you were to be ill

If you were to be ill you need to fill that in, regarding leave of absence in your electronical timesheet. Also, you will have to reach out to your employer and your staffing consultant immediately, so that they can follow up on you. Entitlement to sickness benefits can be deducted if you fail to give notice.

Whenever an employee is to fill in leave of absence due to illness in the timesheet, you will get following options: “Sick – before 30 workdays”, “Sick – medical certificate”, “Sick – self-declaration” and “Sick – self-declaration”.

Self-declarations and medical certificates from the doctor must be sent immediately as a message attachment in the portal.

By informing about the absence, the employee gives the employer the opportunity to find a replacement, and we can register the absence in our systems.


If the employee has had continuous assigments for at least two months, self-declaration can be used. The self-declaration can be used for three full calendar days at a time. From day four onwards, the employee must have a sick note (medical sertificate) from a doctor in order to be entitled to sickness benefits. When using four self-declarations over a 12-month period, the employee will lose the right to use self-declarations for six months. If there is more than 14 days between assignments (does not apply to holidays/vacation and rotation shifts), the employee loses the right to self-declaration and a new two-month vesting period must be worked up.

Medical certificate (sick note)

To be entitled to sickness benefits, the employee must have worked for at least four weeks immediately before he/she became incapacitated. Absence in an employment relationship without a valid reason is not included in the vesting period.

Sickness benefits are calculated from an average salary in the period before sick leave. Sickness benefits are limited to 6G (Basic amount (Grunnbeløp) Folketrygden). Overtime is not part of the calculation basis. If the employee goes without work for 14 days or more, he/she must earn the right to sickness benefits again. Sickness benefits are paid when we have received sick note (medical certificate).

Sick child: 
If the employee has permanent care for children under the age of 12 and has worked continuously for us the past four weeks, the employee is entitled to sickness benefits when they have a sick child. If the employee has permanent care for up to two children, the employee can receive sickness benefits for up to ten days each calendar year. For single parents, up to 20 days each calendar year apply. If the employee has permanent care for three or more children, the employee can receive sickness benefits for up to 15 days each calendar year and up to 30 days as a single parent. Note that these days will be considered as a total, spread on all of the employers throughout a year. In the timesheet, you will therefor have to state how many children you are caring for under the age of 12, and how many sick days due to a sick child have been registered with other employers current year.

Parental benefits:
To be entitled to maternity allowance, the employee must have worked for at least six of the last ten months before the birth. Maternity allowance is paid from Folketrygden (National Insurance Scheme) and questions about this must be directed to NAV.

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