Personal assesment of HSE risk

As an employee of Jobbkretser AS, you may get into unwanted situations and incidents. It is a natural part of everyday work to take care of one’s own and other’s safety.

  • Be precautionary – Do not wait to speak out!
  • Rest assured that we support you if you experience risky behavior or an unsafe work environment.
  • Always consider your own as well as other’s safety.
  • Familiarize yourself with HSE regulations and the risk assessment for the job you enter.


If you experience the workplace as unsafe, it is first and foremost important that you have familiarized yourself with the HSE regulations with the employer you are hired to. There is alot that can be perceived as unsafe if one does not know what assessments have been made prior to the work being started.

In the event of a breach of the employer’s own HSE routines, this should be notified to your immediate superior at the workplace. If one feels that the measure that is being taken is not satisfactory, Jobbkretser wants to be involved as early as possible in order to enter into a dialogue with the relevant client.

How to alert


When alerting of unwanted incidents, you can contact us in several ways.

Simplified handling of deviations

Let us know when submitting a timesheet, that there have been deviations that you want us to be aware of. We will then contact you to obtain information and consider further measures.

Severe deviations

In the event of severe deviations, we need to be contacted immediately for assessment of further measures. Outside normal working hours, contact us on the emergency telephone tel. 55 60 78 75 (in-call option 4.)

Injuries or accidents

In the event of an injury or accident, you must first get an overview of the situation. In the event of severe injuries, call 113.

– Always care for your own safety.

Jobbkretser should be contacted on the emergency telephone at the nearest opportunity, even if the injury or accident did not directly affect you, or you were just witnessing.

Further information can be found in the personnel handbook or in the HSE handbook.