Employee Handbook

Jobbkretser AS provides, in collaboration with staffing agencies a total service to those who hire labor, as well as to employees. Jobbkretser AS is formally your employer, and takes care of formal matters such as salary, insurance and such as.

The staffing agencies act as the hiring company- and the employee’s primary contact point, and handles the assignments and all the practicalities around them. As an employee, it is the staffing agencies you mainly have to deal with, but it can work as a security to know that there is a well-established and knowledgeable HR-department, for inspection and follow-up that ensures good working conditions for you as an employee. Apart from this, Jobbkretser is a large organization with strong and well-working systems in the background, that exist to ensure the quality of all formalities between employees, companies and staffing agencies.

Jobbkretser AS – Your employer

The workers will be employed in Jobbkretser with a percentage of full-time equivalent wich will be given by our cooperating recruitment agency. The nature of each assignment will be specified in the confirmation of the work assignment as agreed with the client and is to be reviewed and accepted.

The employee is permanently employed at Jobbkretser to perform work that is specified in the work confirmation. Each agreement of work between workers and the recruitment agencies will be confirmed. These work confirmations are to be regarded as a part of the work agreement.

As an employee you have agreed that you have both the right and the duty to perform an assignment. When the assignment is finished you are obliged to take new assignments in order to fulfil your percentage of employment. When not in assignment you must each Sunday deliver an overview of which days you are available for work the following week.

The employee acknowledges that he/she can be transferred to other work, other time of work and/or other place of work in the agreed assignment period and for new assignments within the frame of agreed percentage of employment.

As an employee you are subject to the Working Environment Act, the client’s safety instructions, company rules and regulations. The recruitment agency is to take care of you on a daily basis and perform the client customer care service.

It is the responsibility of Jobbkretser AS to take care of payrolls, holiday pay and tax deductions according to the current regulations. The employer will pay contributions into the Mandatory occupational pension scheme (OTP) every year so that employees earn pension entitlements. The contribution must be at least two per cent of the employee’s’ earnings between 1 G and 12 G in a defined contribution scheme. (G = the National Insurance basic amount, 1 G approx. 100.000 NOK)


Register your personal details at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no
The following can be done in Kandidatportalen at www.bemanningsinfo.no:

  • Register timesheets, holidays, and preferred working hours.
  • Download pay checks and certificate of pay and deducted tax.
  • Confirm assignments and agreements.
  • Search history of assignment and job offers.
  • Share CV – for future assignments.

All your personal details may be changed at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no.

Changes regarding your bank account number are to be notified through a message in www.bemanningsinfo.no.All changes regarding your tax deduction, please contact the Norwegian tax administration, www.skatteetaten.no.

Keep your profile updated to make the most out of Kandidatportalen / www.bemanningsinfo.no.  In that way, you can make yourself acquainted with the content and the system in general.


Your timesheets are auto-generated according to your current assignment. Review and make any necessary changes before submitting. The timesheet is automatically sent to Jobbkretser AS for processing and payment as soon as approved by the client. If the client finds ground to reject a timesheet you will be informed of the reason/s and a new timesheet needs to be submitted and sent for approval.

Breaks are not to be included in working hours, unless otherwise agreed.

Your salary is based on your submitted timesheets. Make sure to know when and how to do this in time. The employer must approve your timesheet before you can get your salary.


Your mobile phone is your tool number one to receive job offers and submit your timesheets. A smartphone is recommended.

The Work Assignment agreement – One for each assignment

Work Assignment agreements are sent by e-mail or to your mailbox at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanninsinfo.no. The confirmation is to include the client’s name and contact person, place of work, length of the assignment, working hours, salary and so forth.

Changes to the Work Assignment needs to be verified by you and the client. Questions regarding your work assignments are to be addressed to your client and/or the recruitment agency.

The client’s HSE-regulations

This information is to be attached to your work assignment and it is your responsibility to adjust and comply with the instructions of each assignment. If the HSE-regulations are not presented it is your duty to inform the recruitment agency promptly.

The Equal Treatment Act

The Equal treatment Act states that your pay grade and other benefits are to correspond with the salaries and benefits of the permanent staff when work are of equivalent nature, unless otherwise is agreed.

In the period of the assignment you will also be entitled to the same benefits and services as the employees at the workplace, unless otherwise agreed. Jobbkretser AS will make sure to collect required information regarding these benefits and services.

Any condition contradicting the terms and conditions you have been given, please contact the client or the recruitment agency for the soonest possible clarification.

If there are no grounds for approved absence or you have given notice and the period of notice has ended it is your duty to be present at work according to the agreement once an assignment is accepted.

Overtime and average calculation of working hours

Work in excess of agreed working hours are to be regulated according to The Working Environment Act, all parties are in subject to these. The Working Environment Act §10-6 states that work more than 9 hours per 24 hours or 37,5 hours per seven days is regarded as overtime. For overtime work you shall receive at least 40 per cent more than normal pay. As a rule, overtime work must not exceed 10 hours per 7 days, 25 hours per four consecutive weeks or 200 hours during a period of 52 weeks.

The employee is responsible for not working more than the law allows and when the limit is approaching, the employee must adjust his/her assignments accordingly. Clients or recruitment agencies should as a rule, on no occasion register work assignments scheduling working hours that is in violation of the work- and rest periods stated in the Working Environment Act.

Jobbkretser AS and the employee may agree to an average calculation of working hours, hence to the Working Environment Act (Arbeidsmiljøloven) § 10-5, 1. If this is agreed, a written statement must be made.

The tax deduction card

The tax deduction card is automatically collected from www.altinn.no by your employer. Employees must make sure that there is a tax deduction card available. All questions regarding tax and tax cards must be addressed to Skatteetaten (the Norwegian tax administration).

Wages and submissions of timesheets

Your timesheets are to be submitted in your personal profile at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no, no later than the day after end of wage period.

Salary will be paid semi-monthly in arrears. Wage periods are from the 1st -15th and 16th- 31st each month, with payday latest fifteen days after end of assignment, unless otherwise is agreed. If payday falls on a public holiday or the weekend, you will be paid the last working day before the holiday. See each work assignment agreement for details.

Guaranteed pay

At the end of the year a settlement will be made to check if your percentage of employment is fulfilled according to the rules. In cases where you have rejected a work offer or have been unavailable for work, these days will be deducted from the settlement.

In order to claim guaranteed salary for periods that you are not working, you must keep your availability plan updated and deliver it in time each Sunday. If you do not deliver this plan in time, the period will be considered as a leave without payment that will influence the settlement at the end of the year.

Please be aware that timesheets handed in later than one month after end of your assignment may be rejected.

In the event of a client’s lay-off, dismissal or bankruptcy, Jobbkretser AS is in responsibility to make sure the employee is paid according to the assignment and in accordance with the rules of the Act on Pay During Temporary Dismissal. This Act governs whether the Employee is entitled to salary during the temporary dismissal.

Pay on public holidays

1 and 17 May are public holidays. You will receive wages if you are on assignment for at least 30 days before or relating to the public holiday and of normal schedule are expected to be at work on the public holiday. You must also be present at work on the last workday before and the first workday after the public holiday. This does not apply if these days are on a Sunday or other holiday, or if you have a medical certificate or have other valid absence.

Movable holidays

Your assignment confirmation will state whether you will be paid for movable holidays.

These days are as follows: 1 January, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

Physician and/or dentist appointment

Doctor and dental appointments are granted leave, paid or unpaid, according to the regulations of the client. Leave for such appointments need to be clarified with your superior.

Termination of employment

The period of notice is as agreed in the employment contract. When an assignment is accepted you must remain at work the entire duration of the assignment or throughout the period of notice. If the employee wishes to end the employment at the end of an assignment, he is free to do so. Notice must be given through a form in Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no. In case you have trouble with access in the portal, you can reach out to hr@jobbkretser.no with the inquiry.

Holidays and holiday pay

All holidays during an assignment need to be agreed with the client.
Register your preferred working hours and holidays at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no, to let Jobbkretser AS and the recruitment agency know when you are free for a new assignment. Between assignments holiday can be registered under “Ønsket arbeidstid” in the Kandidatportalen.

Holiday payment is yearly 15th of June.

If you terminate your employment you may request the final settlement to include earned holiday pay, please let Jobbkretser AS know through www.bemanningsinfo.no if this applies. Jobbkretser AS is obliged to deduct tax from holiday pay when paid to employee within the earning year.

The holiday pay rate is 12% (corresponding to five weeks of holiday), the holiday pay rate for employees above the age of 60 has a higher holiday pay rate by 2% (corresponding with their extra days of holiday).

Absence from work and/or sick leave

In the event of illness or absence from work, the employee must:

  • notify the contact person in the staffing agency he / she is employed by. The contact person in the staffing agency must be made observant of illness or absence before work starts on the given day. SMS is not considered a valid message. Get in touch by phone.
  • call their contact person at the company where they are employed.

The above is done every day until the employee is back at work. The right to sickness benefit may lapse if no notice is given.

The employee must also ensure that the absence from work is registered in the timesheet from the first day of absence.

Registration of sick leave in your timesheet

You must register what applies to your situation: “Sick – Before 30 days vesting period”,  “Sick – medical certificate”, “Sick – self-declaration” and “Sick – self declaration children”.

Early information and registration of your leave gives the client the opportunity to find a substitute and we can register the absence in our systems.


When employed for two months or more you can use self-certification of a period up to three days, four times within a 12 months period. If you are sick beyond the self-certification period of three days, you need a medical certificate to keep your sickness benefits. A medical certificate is needed for the next six months from day one to keep your rights to sickness benefits if your sick leave is beyond the self-certification periods. If you have had a break between assignments of more than 14 days, you must earn a new entitlement period of two months before you can use self-certification.

Medical certificate

When employed for four weeks or more a medical certificate entitles you to sickness benefits. If you have not been engaged in any assignments for a period of more than 14 days, you must earn a new entitlement period of four weeks to be entitled sickness benefits. Sick pay will be payed when the employer has received your medical certificate.

Sickness benefits are paid as of average income (not including overtime) for the last weeks prior to absence, with an upward limit of 6 x G (G= national insurance base amount). If you work “irregularly,” a longer period is often used to calculate the average income.

Children’s illness

An employee who is absent from work due to necessary care for a sick child that he/she has the daily care for, is entitled to daily benefits up to ten days, or fifteen days if there are more than two children, during a calendar year, after four weeks of work. Single parents are entitled to such benefits up to 20 days, or 30 days if there are more than two children, during a calendar year. The total of sick days entitled are a total within a year.

When absence is to be registered your will be asked how many children you are caring for under the age of 12 years and how many sick days due to children’s illness you may have had whilst working with other employers. This right applies up to the calendar year the child turns 12.

Parental leave and benefits

Women who have had pensionable income for at least six of the last ten months prior to leave, may be entitled to parental benefit. The benefit is paid by NAV/Folketrygden. Please contact NAV if you have got questions regarding parental leave.


The Employee is insured through the insurance company of Jobbkretser AS in accordance with the Act on Occupational Injury Insurance.

Health, safety and environment policy and statutory protection acts

The client/employer is to be considered as the responsible for coordinating the health, environment and safety work of each employee including hired staff. The Working Environment Act § 2-2 (1) b).

The employee must adjust to and comply with the client’s safety instructions, company rules and other regulations that apply to the client’s and/or for the assignment. The client is responsible to instruct, inform and supervise all employees in the same manner in relation to HSE-rules, health and safety service and local safety arrangements.

The client is responsible to inform all employees of work-related health risks of any kind, and if the assignment is involving an increased risk of injury, the client needs to give you such information.

The client is to keep Jobbkretser AS informed of all current safety regulations and when necessary give access to the client’s business facilities. When due to safety reasons a need of coordination of work schedules occurs, this is in the responsibility of the client.

Alcohol and drug policy

Jobbkretser has a zero-tolerance regarding alcohol and drugs when at work. This also includes hangover and the smell of alcohol. Violation of these rules can have consequences regarding your employment.

Termination of employment

The period of notice is as agreed in the employment contract. When an assignment is accepted you must remain at work the entire duration of the assignment or throughout the period of notice. If the employee wishes to end the employment at the end of an assignment, he is free to do so. Notice must be given through a form in Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no. In case you have trouble with access in the portal, you can reach out to hr@jobbkretser.no with the inquiry.

Assignment evaluation / Feedback / Post assignment evaluation

All clients will receive an assignment evaluation form when an assignment is completed. The form is sorted by topic and the clients are to give scores form 1 – 10. Your average score is based on your ten last assignments and the eight highest score. Your evaluations are presented in the employee’s personal profile at Kandidatportalen via www.bemanningsinfo.no.

System Access and User Access

Username and password are unique and personal, and it is in the responsibility of the employee to make sure these do not come in the possession of others. Commercial, sensitive and personal information concerning all parties are confidential. None of this are to be shared or sold to other parties without approval from Jobbkretser AS.

We welcome you as a Jobbkretser AS employee!