Tax deduction card

We automatically collect tax deduction cards by the services at Altinn (norwegian tax authorities). You as an employee must ensure that there is a tax deduction card or a exemption card (Frikort) available at Altinn.

Exemption card (Frikort) – If you have a exemption card, you must distribute an amount to Jobbkretser. Follow this link to read on how to do so: “Divide your exemption card between several employers”. 

If we have not received/registered your tax deduction card or been granted a tax-free amount before payday, we will postpone the payment until there is a tax deduction card or a tax-free amount registered.

We can pay your salary without a tax deduction card or a tax-free amount, but in that case we would have to deduct 50% in tax. Reach out to HR at if you wish us to do so.

If you dont have a tax deduction card, you can apply for it using this link: Click here