We need you to alert!

We ask you to notify us if you experience breaches of laws and regulations, ethical guidelines or experience the workplace as unsafe.

Down below, you will find information about cases of alerting and how to proceed, when in need to alert of matters worthy of criticism.

How can you alert?

You can notify breaches of HMS-rules (HSE – Healt, Safety and Environment) in your timesheet by ticking this. We will then contact you as soon as possible to obtain informations about what may have happened.

Notification of other matters can be made to your staff consultant at your staffing agency, either in writing or orally, or you can contact Jobbkretser’s HR department directly by sending an e-mail to: hr@jobbkretser.no, or call us on 55 55 78 75 (in-call option 1).


Follow-up of alert
When we receive notification about something reprehensible in the workplace, we will address this as soon as possible. If it turns out that the alert is unfounded or based on a misunderstanding the person who alerts must be given an explanation for this.

External alert
Jobbkretser has arranged to notify internally. All employees still have the right to go to public supervision with matters of relevance.

Employees can notify Arbeidstilsynet (Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority) of matters that are believed to be in breach of Arbeidsmiljøloven (the Norwegian Working Environment Act). Arbeidstilsynet has a duty to keep the identification of the person who alerts, a secret.

Anonymity and confidentiality
Alerts can be made anonymously, but transparency will normally ensure better procedures and better result for all parties involved. The identity of the person who alerts shall not be made available to anyone without the persons consent.

Prohibition of retaliation
It is forbidden in accordance with Arbeidsmiljøloven (Norwegian Working Environment Act) to retaliate against employees who have given alerts. This applies to both the employer and the staffing agency. Retaliation means unfavorable actions, practices or omission as a direct consequence or reaction to an employee alerting.
In cases where person who alerts experience retaliation, we ask you to contact Jobbkretser’s safety representative on tel. 55 60 78 75.