Salary and payment

You fill in your timesheets electronically in your personal account. The hours are registered on the 15th and 30th of each month. Timesheets is to be filled in no later than the next day after the work has been made.

Payment of salary takes place on the 15th and 30th of each month after the timesheets have been filled in. If payday takes place on a weekend or on a public holiday, the salary is to be paid on the last working day before weekend or public holiday. Unless other agreements have been made.

If salary is to be paid to a norwegian bankaccount number the payment will happen within the deadline. If you have a foreign account number, you will have to take more time into consideration. Jobbkretser does not take responsibilities when it comes to payment within the deadline in these occasions.

Guaranteed pay

At the end of the year, an assessment will be made regarding the terms of workload rates in accordance to the rules on guaranteed pay. In cases where you as an employee have declined an assignment or have not been available at the time you have agreed to be available to the employer, these working days will be deducted from the assesment.

To be entitled to guaranteed pay you will have to, when not assigned, keep the schedule for availability up to date, and deliver it in time. If you do not submit the schedule for availability, that time will be considered as unpaid leave, wich will have an impact on the assesment for guaranteed pay at the end of the year.

The rights to pay may deviate if timesheets have not been delivered within one month after the work has been completed.

Public holidays

Salary on public holidays: There are public holidays on the 1st and 17th of May. The employee receives pay if he/she has worked for more than a period of 30 days before or in connection with the public holidays. In addition, the employee must have been at work on the last working day before and after the public holiday. Also, he/she needs to have normal working hours on the weekday wich the public holiday falls on. However, this does not apply if the employee, by a certificate from a doctor, proves that the absence is due to illness or if the absence is due to; holiday/vacation, obligation to take care of mandatory public service or other compelling reasons.

Salary for moving public holdiays is paid according to the same terms as with the employer. This must be stated in the employment contract for the individual assignment.

The moving public holidays are; 1st and 2nd day of christmas, New Year’s Day, Maundy Thursday (Skjærtorsdag), Good Friday (Langfredag), Easter Sunday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day (Kristi himmelfartsdag) and, the 1st and 2nd day of Pentecost (1. og 2. Pinsedag).

Leave of absence

Leave of absence, paid or unpaid, doctor- and dentist appointments applies according to the same rules as with the employer. Leave of absence must always be clarified with the immediate manager.

In the event of layoffs, terminations or bankruptcies with the employer, Jobbkretser  AS has the responsibilities for remuneration in accordance to the duration of the assignment and the terms given by the law for working environment regarding terminations and layoffs.