Employment contract

All employees are entitled to a permanent eployment contract. You can find your employment contract by logging in to the portal. Under the menu selection; “Documents” you will find the contract called: “Employment contract”.

When you are working through our assignments, you are required by law to be insured through our insurance company.

At the end of the year, an assessment will be made regarding the terms of workload rates in accordance to the rules on guaranteed pay. In cases where you as an employee have declined an assignment or have not been available at the time you have agreed to be available to the employer, these working days will be deducted from the assesment.

To be entitled to guaranteed pay you will have to, when not assigned, keep the schedule for availability up to date, and deliver it in time. If you do not submit the schedule for availability, that time will be considered as unpaid leave, wich will have an impact on the assesment for guaranteed pay at the end of the year.

The rights to pay may deviate if timesheets have not been delivered within one month after the work has been completed.

In the event of layoffs, terminations or bankruptcies with the employer, Jobbkretser  AS has the responsibilities for remuneration in accordance to the duration of the assignment and the terms given by the law for working environment regarding terminations and layoffs.

If you have any questions regarding the employment contract, please reach out to your staffing consultant or the HR department at Jobbkretser.

To find your employment contract, use this link:  CLICK THIS TO ENTER LOGIN