Arrival on the first day

Where do I need to meet?

Information about the meeting time will always be sent via SMS in advance.

How do I get to the Worley?

If you are traveling by plane:
If you arrive in Stavanger by plane, an employee from Jobbkretser Handling Service will meet you. They will hold a “Jobbkretser” sign at the exit of the airport. Then, you will be transported to Rosenberg Shipyard.

If you are traveling by other means of transportation:
If you arrive by other means of transportation, like bus, train, or car, you will receive an SMS in advance with information about the location and time for meeting and the handover of the equipment bag.

Where will I sleep?

All employees are accommodated at Camp Rosenberg, where all meals are included.

Read more about the camp here.

What equipment do I need?

You will receive the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) from Jobbkretser Handling Service (JKHS) no later than upon arrival or the first working day.

Read more about PPE here.


Everyone who is to work at the Jotun-project at Rosenberg Worley is required to complete a mandatory course at Jotunskolen before they can start their work. The course is essential for all new hires, and includes important information about health, safety, and environment (HSE), in addition to other practical information.

Note: You do not need to clock in at Jotunskolen; this is registered manually.